Would you like to hear about what pisses me off? Or at least what pissed me off today.

I’m sure you do. In fact you can’t wait for just the teeniest morsel of pissedoffishness!

So here it is…

I had to call DSHS this morning in order to complete my eligibility review. Even though the automated system kept hanging up on me because “all circuits are busy, please call back later,” I was diligent and proceeded with good ol rapid fire redialing. I got smart and wrote down all the prompts and finally made it through to the queue where I was told my approximate wait time would be 27 minutes. I knew right then that it was bullshit. I called last week (too early for September reviews apparently) and sat on hold for TWO hours only to be told that the earliest I could call in and have a review would be August 26th, which is clearly today.

So I sat on hold…..doodled and drank coffee, tortured the cat, played with my son, played a game on my Kindle, sent copious amounts of email, checked Facebook and grew more and more impatient.

Pet me, you worthless human!
Pet me, you worthless human!

Finally, after 1 hour and 4 minutes, I was on the phone with a woman who sounded like she could have had a laptop perched on her legs while she was in the bathroom taking a shit. You know that sound…echoey and stark. She verified my address, family size and the amount of child support I was supposed to be receiving and then she typed up a bunch of junk for the next 4 minutes, told me I was good to go for another year and that was that.

Seriously?! You had ALL of that information plus every other detail of my life in the plethora of forms that I submitted…what is the purpose of making me sit on hold for so damn long?!

I know, I shouldn’t bitch about it, but you know what? IT PISSES ME OFF!