Over The Weekend

The weekend started out relaxing with movies and popcorn, until Saturday rolled around and shit got real. Aside from some general weeding (don’t even get me started on just how much needs to be done around here!), we decided to cut down a tree in the front yard. I don’t remember what kind of tree is was, but the stump of it is now hidden under that fake boulder on the other side of the sidewalk. I think I swept the sidewalk 3 times yesterday, between gravel, moss, branches and whatever-kind-of-tree-that-was needles. It looks significantly better out there without that fat thing hogging up the sidewalk.

Then we painted the garden gate red. Well, to be honest, we painted this side, then ran out of spray paint and finished it today. Spray paint is awesome to use, but it’s bullshit to pay for considering the amount you get (or don’t get) in a can. Isn’t it pretty though? 


Here’s a very non-professional shot of the garden. I was too lazy to take the picture from a good angle, but you get the idea. Raised beds, straw bales, vegetables and herbs. Your typical garden-variety….garden. Ahem. I planted some cilantro in there today, this means I need to make some salsa and guacamole soon!


Aren’t those asiatic lily’s beautiful? We thought so too! We prettied them up a little with upside down tomato cages. Fancy, ain’t we! After a trip to town, planting and filling in the beds with bark, we decided to take another trip to Home Depot to buy some calla lily’s for the other side of the garden entrance. I didn’t take any pictures of those though, because I’m a lazy bastard. Also, because I wasn’t planning on blogging or anything. I mean, it’s been like….2 years or something since my last blog. Is there some kind of group I need to join for neglecting my blog? It wouldn’t surprise me if one of those did exist. Now I’m gonna have to Google that. Dammit anyhow.



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