Squeaky Toy

That’s what I sound like these days.  Thanks to having 3 kids in public school, I get my fair share of sickness.  The germy little turds, you’d think I was out licking shopping carts all day long.  On the plus side, the weather has been trying to decide whether or not to show us any promising signs of an upcoming summer.  Today it was nice enough to dig the lawn furniture pads out of the attic and get them all tied on and neatly arranged on the patio.  I know better than to think it will last since the patio is where the girls love to plug in their Barbie radio and bust a move.

To the 2 of you that read this, I’m sorry I have been neglecting you with my boring stories.  I guess I’ve been a little preoccupied with writing “real” letters.  You know, the kind that you actually write with a pen and then with the purchase of a stamp, the postal service transports for you?!  That kind!  I’ve loved getting back in touch with a notebook and taking the time to write out my thoughts and sending them away.  It’s been therapeutic for me, I should take the time more often to do that for myself.   That being said, I can’t wait until May 22!!!!  Should I go see him or should I wait for him to come see me?!  Decisions, decisions…  It’s too bad we can’t meet in the middle and just stay there for a good long while.  *sigh*

I just took a little break to order some prints from Snapfish.  They keep sending me reminders that I have some freebies to use, so I figured I might as well do it right now while I was thinking about it.  Free always seems to cost something these days…next time I’ll print at Wal-Mart then go pick them up (which is what I normally do anyhow).  It was only $3.79 for 46 prints, so I shouldn’t complain, but I will anyhow.  That’s just how I roll.

It’s getting late and I’ve been going to bed early-ish lately because of this ass kickin’ cold.  Sorry to bail, but guhnight y’all!


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