Fat Foam Hair Dye – My Review

Today, as one of those spur of the moment purchases at none other than Walmart, I bought some Fat Foam. Have you seen the commercials or spotted it at the store? It’s hair dye but in foam form.


After mixing the developer and powder in the “shaker” and shaking it for about 45 seconds, I unscrewed the top surprised to see actual foam inside. I scooped some up with my gloved fingers and began in the front of my head, working my way through all (or at least most) of my hair. Since my hair is long and thick, I probably should have opted for 2 boxes. I must say that the application was no mess, no drip and just a fast, hands-on application! I got dye on the side of my neck, as per the usual, and I was partially afraid that I’d be stained for life. You know how some of those products are!!! It wiped off with a damp washcloth with no problem at all. I was shocked. Shock and awe, I tell you!


It sits on your hair for a minimum of 30 minutes, and while I’m used to 10 with Perfect10, that’s ok…I’ll sacrifice 20 minutes of my time to test out a new product.


The only difference I noticed so far was that it goes on as foam and changes to an almost gel-like consistency; it felt very dry even when saturated throughout my hair.


I just got out of the shower and the reviews were indeed right. Drying. Very drying. I could feel it after I shampooed (yes, there’s a shampoo packet included and wow does it ever get sudsy!). I did the regular regime of conditioning for 3 minutes with the crappy conditioner and then I used my expensive salon brand conditioner and noticed a definite change. The included conditioner could definitely stand for some improvement and also MORE OF IT! You know those foil sample packs you’ve received in the mail that contain shampoo and conditioner and they never tear open easily? That’s what this is reminiscent of. There’s about 1/3 of what I’d normally use on my hair, then again I have fairly thick, long hair.


When I brushed my hair, I could feel the dryness…and I could hear it too. That squeaky cry for help…you’ve heard it before. We’ll see what it feels like next time I wash it. For now, the color looks decent, but it’s still wet and it’s almost 2am and frankly, I don’t feel like drying it right now. The coverage of grey by my temples seems to have taken well to the color, as for the underside of my hair; I’m not even going to bother to look because like I said earlier, I should have used 2 boxes.



Overall I rate this a 4 out of 5 stars.

The pros:


Easy preparation

Easy application

100% Grey coverage

Mild smell

Easy cleanup


The cons:


Excessively drying

Lack of quality/quantity of conditioner


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