I’m at a standstill and I don’t know which way to go. Not literally of course, where else would I be but sitting on my bed eating chocolate at 11:23pm. Whatever inspiration there was has come and gone because these days doing homework with the kids sparks more passion than picking up my camera or writing a post. I’m sure it’s just a rut, possibly one left by a mud flinging, deer strapped to the hood, redneck type of truck that you’d find out here in the country. Then again, it could be from a tricycle. One never knows with me.

I miss writing; I miss the communication and the feedback. I feel better and accomplished when I do things to make myself happy. Whether it’s sitting around the kitchen table with my best friend chugging down a bottle of wine or grabbing my camera and exploring nature, when it happens, I feel alive. Then there are times when I’m just here, merely surviving.

This post is ridiculous and not even close to worth posting but maybe if I post it I’ll feel something…a slight twinge of accomplishment.

Here goes nuthin!


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