Dating, It’s Like Buying A Used Car.

At first it’s shiny, new, the gas tank is full and you’ve got a month and a half to make the first payment.  Then you realize that the back seat is way too small to fit 3 kids (including 2 booster seats), the side mirrors won’t adjust unless you do it by hand, and the glove box decides to fall open at any given moment.  You wish you could take the bastard back, but you’ve already driven off the lot.

That, to me, is what dating feels like.

Everyone is always on their best behavior in the beginning.  For us girls, we try to not seem so needy and we’re very meticulous about our hair and makeup.  The guys try to hold back their burps and farts and not eat 3 meals worth of food at dinner.

It’s pretty hit and miss when it comes to “clicking.”  Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out and your future is mapped out before you with text messages, emails and whispers of what’s to come….that’s when it all falls by the wayside.

Is this too good to be true?

Are we in this relationship with one another for the RIGHT reasons?

Is this love or does this just feel good?

We don’t particularly like to question our feelings because that means there’s room for error.  We don’t want to feel like we’ve failed (yet again!) at finding love, a soulmate and companion.  Dating is scary and painful with a side of thrill and adventure.  The hardest part is not taking it all so seriously.  Try not to hurt one another and be honest about your feelings.  Test the waters and state your intentions clearly.  If someone decides to jump ship, and that someone happens to be you, good for you for following your gut instinct.

Intuition is a wonderful gift and should be used carefully.  Ask a lot of question while you’re dating, study the answers.  Demand more than 1, 2 or 3 word answers and make sure you’re treated with respect.  It doesn’t hurt if you remember to pass the potatoes during dinner, chew with your mouth closed and help with the dishes.

Be true to yourself in all that you do, there’s nothing worse that being miserable just because sometimes it feels like it could work out.


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