That’s A Wrap! The Non-Tortilla Kind…

I’m officially 31 years old today…I haven’t broken a hip yet, knock on wood.

At last check I had something like 42 Birthday comments on Facebook, a couple offlines on Yahoo messenger and a few emails, my friends and family officially rock tits…jus sayin.

So anyhow, Happy Birthday to me.


I’ve been wanting to write lately…I’ve actually been craving it. I have this creativeness flowing through me regarding different talents and I can’t. seem. to. pick. just. one.

I had a brilliant idea when I was on my way to Marysville Friday and I immediately sent a text to one of my BFF’s who has unbelievable talent and asked him to do me a solid…he’s so busy though, he’ll come through for me….eventually.

I keep getting sidetracked….
It’s annoying.

First with reading, then music, then browsing through movies and lastly, I was reading stories on Storypeople.

Priorities people, priorities!


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