A Fiasco, You Say?

It started in the shower…no, I didn’t wipe myself out like last time.  I’d just cleaned the massive gob of hair out of the drain to ensure maximum drainage when I was finished (Jesus, is it just me or was that bit of info a little on the gnarly side?), and I was about to relax and take one of those lazy bath/shower thingies.

Shea came in and said “Grandpa is trying to move Austins bed down the stairs.”  I said “He’d better not be, you go tell him to STOP RIGHT NOW and wait for me to get done in the shower!”  I heard her go out there at yell to him to wait and not do it by himself.  She came back in and reported to me that he wasn’t listening.  I told her, “Then you get your ass to the other room NOW so that you’re close to the phone when you have to call 911 and stay the hell away from the stairs!”  I sense disaster before it happens. Always have a backup plan, kids!

Not even 2 minutes later, “Lookout!” BAM! CRASH! CRUNCH!  I turn the water off…

“It was the bed…I dropped it!”

*muttering* God dammit, I told him not to do it, but does he listen? No. *end muttering*

I hear brief conversation between Shea and my dad:
“The glass is broken.”
“Yes, it’s pushed out.”

I squeeze the water out of my hair and throw a towel around myself and storm out into the entryway.  Looking at the wooden platform bed frame nicely lodged between the front door and the stairs, my dad sitting on the steps with a look of disbelief…”I TOLD you to wait!”

He went upstairs to call my mom at work and tell her that he was an idiot and he told me to finish taking a shower…clearly not the relaxing type I’d initially hoped for.  After I was done in the shower it took us a good 45 minutes to figure out a way to dislodge the frame.  We had to use a footstool to prop it up at one end, I had to hammer out the middle drawer with my fist (EPIC FAIL #2, bringing the frame down the stairs drawer side down. LOLZ), duct tape the remaining drawers shut and stand it on end without taking out a wall in the process.

The “broken” glass was the stained glass panel in the door, the frame pushed it out at the bottom, but it stayed in one piece.  I was able to pop it back in for the most part, it just needs some sealant to weatherproof it.

Fun times.

Austins bed is safely in his new room…thanks dad for not killing yourself, a kid, or an animal in the bed moving process…our adventures just keep getting better and better!


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