Watered Down

The girls just got home and instantly everyone is pissed off at one another.  Austin spent the majority of our time in town complaining about a stomach ache…to the point of me walking out of WalMart without buying what I went in there for.  You could say that I was slightly frustrated.  I did get to see Leanna though (sorry for my lack of visiting, I hope you came up with a remedy to your problem), that was nice.

I’m divorced now for those of you that have been asking/wondering.  It doesn’t feel all that different since we’ve already been apart for just over a year.  Don’t congratulate me or anything, it’s rather bittersweet, but I suppose I’m glad the “worst” is over and done with.  We’re friends, we talk, we’re good to go…jus sayin.

A couple of you have asked me why I haven’t blogged lately and I believe you understood my reasoning.  I don’t want to end up saying something that I’ll regret just because I’m in a bad mood, so I usually end up biting my tongue and letting it roll off my back.  Blogging isn’t the only thing I’ve been neglecting, my photography has taken a leap off a very tall cliff.  I’m not sure where the inspiration went, it might have gone away with the sunshine though.  The last months worth of my “52 Weeks” project on Flickr have been cell phone shots and I’m pretty pissed at myself for being such a lazy ass.

I have a baby shower to go to this weekend and I’m pretty stoked to be able to capture some memories for Tiffany and her family.  I can’t wait until we finally do a maternity shoot too…I really need to find the time to make it up to Marysville.  I miss hanging out with her and her family so much!  I also hope to be able to hang out with Shirley this weekend, so she’d better not be too sick to hang out this time or else ima hafta beat someones ass!


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