Bittersweet Significance

Ok, so forgive me right now for sounding like a complete bitching asshole, but today…today really sucks for me.

It’s technically my 11 year wedding anniversary, yet the last 5 months we’ve lived apart and are just now about to file divorce papers.  I have so many good memories of the past and then I have these last 5 months.

I’m annoyed because I feel forgotten, I don’t feel significant anymore, I feel like my purpose has been so altered that I’m unrecognizable, I’m fettered and alone.  I wanted to hear something, anything, an apology, a sarcastic comment, a sigh…but nothing.  I know I shouldn’t expect anything, but that doesn’t change that fact that I wanted it.

For what it’s worth…..Happy Anniversary Claude.  There were definitely more good times than bad, more laughing than crying and more memories than not.  You played a major role in my young adulthood, you’ve been with me for half of my life, you’ll always be stuck with part of me and I’m thankful to be stuck with part of you.  I’m sorry that things got sucky and that it came to this, but it did and I love you regardless.

March 15th might just be another day, but part of me is stuck back in 1998.


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