Be Careful Dammit!

Last night since there was supposed to be some big ass storm, so my dad filled the bathtub with water (because when the power goes out we have no water because we live out in BFE and get our water from a well) so that we would be able to flush the toilet. lol

So I drained that this morning so I could take a shower.  I’d really contemplated just leaving it there and going upstairs to take one, but meh, too lazy.

So I put the bath mat in there because HELLO! SLIPPERY WHEN WET!  and THEN I proceeded to step into the wet tub, but not on ever so iffy bath mat which seriously wouldn’t have made a difference at all since the tub was already wet.  So my left leg went that way and my right leg went this way and my ass was like…stuck on the side of the tub,  shampoo bottles were crashing around and Austin is standing outside of the tub yelling at me…”Mom!!!  You’re stupid!”  So I ended up with an instant bruise on my right thigh, and I’m workin’ on one on my lower right leg and my upper left arm.  I think my ass is fine, but one never knows.

I’m sure I’ll be in pain tomorrow once my body figures out that I tried to off myself with the fuckin’ bath tub.  Again.


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