General Angst

Excuse me while I have a moment…

My chest hurts, I’m frustrated, irritated, sad, lonely, depressed and someone won’t answer his fucking phone.  My laptop is being a dick, I had to order a new power cord since my other one decided to shit out on me.  I was really looking forward to having my aunt help me with my divorce papers this weekend, but since the craptop is a jerkface, that didn’t happen.  I wish I’d have thought about that when I realized I have 5 minutes of battery power left and emailed them to myself.

Christmas was good, Claude had the kids on Christmas Eve and they hung out with his family, Chistmas Day my family all came out here to the house, my dad made prime rib and then we opened presents.  There was enough cardboard, plastic and wrapping paper to build a bon fire in the back yard, my uncle Bob, the pyro, took care of that! lol  My cousin Kyla and I stayed up late last night talking and laughing about the good ole days, it was fun and more like a slumber party than a family get together.  I got to hold my little cousin Lucas for the second time ever, he’s 2 1/2 months old and cuter than ever!  I totally hoarded him and only passed him off occasionally. haha  I couldn’t stop kissing his soft baby head and feeling his fatty little legs.  Austin kept calling him Ronan and I had to keep reminding him that Ronan is Keri and Victor’s baby, not Cookies!  It was pretty cute.  Austin loves babies, he pets them like they are animals and he gets the high pitched squealy talk thing going on and he doesn’t want to leave their side.

Overall, Christmas was good, only a couple cars got stuck in the driveway due to the snow and everyone made it safely home.  I hope you all had a great Christmas and have a great new year…

How many parties am I invited to this year?


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