I’d love love LOVE to know how you single people manage to date around…it sure seems like a huge pain in the ass to me. lol You start talking to someone, decide that you like them enough to give them a chance and then after it appears to go well, they just don’t talk to you anymore. hahaha It’s fucking retarded!

I know that each person and each situation is different and that people are looking for different things in life. Clearly I’ve been out of the dating game for a good 15 years but holy crap why do people have to be so selfish and superficial. Grrrrr!

These last couple months I’ve been fucked over in more ways than you can imagine. A select few of you know the unfortunate details of my life and as much as it might suck to listen to me bitch, piss and moan about all the crap, please know that I do appreciate you very much. In the last week I’ve lost a few friends over some shit decisions not only on my part but theirs too; one of which I valued quite a damn bit. She made the decision to step away from “this train wreck” so I say fuck it…walk away. Leave. Be a selfish bitch, I’m just glad I’m not one of your “friends” that has to put up with your shit on a non stop basis. Have fun wallowing in self pity.

The other two aren’t really worth the effort to mention, mainly because he fucked me over and left me to deal with the clean up. Knowing what he knows about me he still chose to pretend he was something that he wasn’t…not only tricking me but hurting a lot of people in the process. I wanted to try to be his friend, and then I decided that my life was too complicated with him in it, so he’s gone…and hopefully he’ll get his shit together.

I care too much about people, about their feelings, and I don’t care enough about my own needs. I have to start respecting myself FIRST and everyone else can come later.

I get attached too easily, I care too much too soon and I get fucked over because of it.

I’m done whining now, go about your business.


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